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Have you heard this song?

Does anyone know what this song is, and/or where it came from?

(a fragment of the refrain, sound): http://web.mit.edu/derrict/Public/Music/unknownsong_refrain.mid
(a fragment of the refrain, picture): http://web.mit.edu/derrict/Public/Music/unknownsong_refrain.png
(a bit of the piano solo intro, sound): http://web.mit.edu/derrict/Public/Music/unknownsong_intro.mid
(a bit of the piano solo intro, picture): http://web.mit.edu/derrict/Public/Music/unknownsong_intro.png

I ran into this song four and a half years ago, in some piano+voice songbook that a friend bought in Hong Kong.

I have no clue as to what the song is named, what it's about, what the original instrumentation was, when it was written, where it was written, who wrote it, etc..

I do however remember (1) the exact appearance of the first two bars, (2) the first phrase and plus a bit of the second phrase of the refrain melody, and (3) the refrain's left-hand pattern.

I also remember that the song was in B-flat major, but ended verses in an incomplete cadence in G minor, so that the refrain could begin noticeably in G minor and end up back in B-flat major. I loved this feature.

Interestingly, I later wrote my own song-without-words based on the refrain of this song.

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Edit: mentioned that the intro is instrumenal, not sung.
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