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Electronic keyboard?

So I'm thinking of buying a decent electronic keyboard for myself. The one I have right now is a child's toy--2.5 octaves worth of small keys with eight instruments, but no more than one note can sound at a time.

I'm looking for something that has the following characteristics:

+ the long, rectangular kind that can sit on a desk (not a stand-up kind; my dorm room is rather small)
+ range: about 5 octaves, or greater
+ a nice selection of standard instruments
+ ability to play as many notes at once as I desire (or at least a decent number, say 8 or so)
+ pedals not necessary; if it/they happen to come with the keyboard, it/they should be just a little block with a wire connecting to the keyboard (since the keyboard will be on my desk)
+ touch sensitivity: not necessary, although I'd appreciate the feature (however, I've used ones before that are way too sensitive and thus make a farce of my playing) <-- it would be nice if I could adjust the sensitivity, if it did come with it, although such a request would up the price a bit more...
+ I care absolutely nothing for those demo rhythms or tunes or whatnot. (I messed with a keyboard once that got me lost when I noticed that, while trying to pick an instrument, I actually picked some demo tune.) If two keyboard differ purely by this feature, I'll definitley take the one that doesn't have it if that one costs less.
+ also, having any plug by which it could be hooked up (likely through some adapter) to a computer, as MIDI input (for, say, composing music), would be REALLY nice (although not required)

Would anyone have an estimate as to how much something like this would cost?

If you have any specific models in mind, and would like to recommend them, that would be quite helpful and appreciated. :)

Also, if you have any ideas of how I might be able to find one used, feel free to volunteer them. (For reference, I'm in the Boston/Cambridge area of Massachusetts, USA.)

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