Nathan Sheets (natewillsheets) wrote in music_composers,
Nathan Sheets

Software suggestions?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good music program that you enjoy? I would like a program that creates the most realistic sounding MIDIs as possible, and then can turn them into good-quality MP3s. Thanks for any suggestions!
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I use Sibelius 3. Its a lot better than a lot of other programs out there, but its really expensive. If you get limewire you can probably find a good pirated version (like I did :) )
Sibelius is actually my first choice thus far, and I don't mind paying for it. (Luckily, I am a student, so I can get it at a discount.)
a discount from 600 is still a lot of money
i have been with cakewalk since it first arrived. i am now at Sonar Producer 4. It comes with wonderful soft synths and a believable piano (VST).

Try Melody Assistant by Myriad Software. It does most of what Finale does and it only costs $20. It also gives you these nifty voice synthesizer programs so you can record faux-vocals into your MP3s.

(Sorry for butting in, I just spread the gospel of Melody Asst. wherever I go. ^_^)
Record Producer Pro works for me. I tend to "record" myself on my compositions and other things. But it does have a midi portion to the program. But to be honest, finding a midi program that comes cheap and gives you good sounds is hard to come by. Record producer pro can convert your midis into mp3, wav, and WMA files. If you want, I can convert one for you so you know how the program sounds.
That would be awesome. Thank you!
Sure thing. When I get a chance I'll send you some demos I've done through your AIM sn.
Thank you. I am usually on during the day.
Well, I am a Finale junkie for one, and a Windows user for two, so I know that sets me apart from many, but as long as I'm happy and grinding out the music, oh well, right?

Anyways, the best program I've found is called GigaStudio because it allows the most realistic sounds for a midi output (mainly because the sounds are sequences of real instruments). Check it out sometime, I got the software package (most basic) for like $130, came with realistic piano and a few others, but the expandability is amazing. If you have not heard about the Vienna Sound Archive, look into it. It's amazingly expensive (I think about $13k...) but the sounds are so real it's hard to tell that it's midi generated. That's the potential of the program. Unfortunately, I don't think it is for Mac, though I am not sure. Look into it, though, I am a huge proponent of it, it gives you a chance to make good sounding recordings even with the basic package.