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Million Dollar Music Composition

The purpose of this Livejournal Post is to draw your attention to my Music Composition Project within a vast pool of composers networked by the Internet:
Million Dollar Music Composition
When you visit this webiste you will notice that the development of the Million Dollar Composition concept has been stimulated by the success of Alex Tew's Milliondollarhomepage. I have taken up the concept and added more than just a twist. I developed it further into a broader concept combining the advertising-by-the-pixel idea with another creative dimension/universe: music composition as content!

As a by-product I (think I) invented a new concept in music composition (at least I haven't heard of it before): I provide a platform that allows various people worldwide to create a piece of music within a remote team, networked together using the Internet!

This concept of collaborative music composition contradicts the standard way of music composition. Usually this is a solitary activity: most musical compositions are the work of a single person or a limited group of people interacting personally, trying to satisfy only their own distinctive musical taste. However, the contribution to the Million Dollar Music Composition requires a completely different mindset, a team-based approach. Collaboration for composers can be a very productive endeavour. It produces music which would have unlikely been produced individually and also obliges the composers to make conceptual compromises they might not ususally have to do. It frees up the creative spirit as each artist has to let go of their individual vision to accomodate the thinking of the other. The OTHER is the crucial element in collaboration, it not alone designates the other composer but also implicates the unseen, inexperienced, unknowable, unthinkable and inconceivable of the former. I am really looking forward to the outcome, as the composers are advertisers at the same time. Thus, they have to consider the audience as they want to reach out to a larger audience and attract them to the music as well as to their advertisements.

Tip: On my Music Composition Resources subpage Music Composition Resources you will find Internet resources covering many aspects of music composition.

If you like it, feel free to tell (or email to) your friends, or even put a link to the Million Dollar Music Composition from your website.

Best regards
Martin Stein

I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing YOUR contributions or your opinions here.
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